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3/8" Thick Aluminum Dock Plates

  • 3/8" aluminum dock plates
  • High traction safety treadplate surface
  • Hand slots or handles for ease of lifting and moving
  • Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exit
  • Engineered bend keeps the edges of the dock plate flush with both dock and truck
  • Capacity ratings are actual, with no provisions as to how much of the load is on the plate at one time
  • Industry exclusive two year warranty

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E-3630 Dock Plate
E-3630 Dock Plate
Your Price: $291.53
E-3630 Dock Plate

36" wide x 30 long" aluminum dock plates, 3,000 pound capacity

E-3636 Dock Plate
E-3636 Dock Plate
Your Price: $428.48
E-3636 Dock Plate

36" wide x 36" long aluminum dock plates, 2,500 pound capacity

E-3648 Dock Plate
E-3648 Dock Plate
Your Price: $433.49
E-3648 Dock Plate

36" wide x 48" long aluminum dock plates, 1,900 pound capacity

 E-4230 Dock Plate
E-4230 Dock Plate
Your Price: $364.52
E-4230 Dock Plate

42" wide x 30" long aluminum dock plates, 3,300 pound capacity

 E-4824 Dock Plate
E-4824 Dock Plate
List Price: $334.75
Your Price: $310.64
You Save: $24.11 (7 %)
E-4824 Dock Plate

48" wide x 24" long aluminum dock plates, 5,200 pound capacity