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Hamilton Renegade high speed, high capacity wheels

Hamilton Renegade wheels are specially designed for high-load applications and for use up to 10 mph.
Standard caster wheels are usually recommended for use up to 3mph.  Hamilton engineers went
back to the drawing board to design wheels that can be towed to speeds up to 10 mph.
Wheels are equipped with massive double-stacked maintenance-free precision ball bearings.

Two rubber treads  and three polyurethane treads are available to meet specific
application requirements.  Wheel diameters range from 9" to 36" depending on the selected tread.

  • Renegade Black rubber tread wheels are great for rough and tumble outdoor applications.
  • Renegade White rubber tread wheels offer a quiet ride that won't damage floors.
  • Renegade Standard 85 Shore A polyurethane for general purpose indoor applications.
  • Renegade MAX Poly wheels are ideally suited for super heavy loads riding over rough surfaces.
  • Renegade Ultra Poly wheels are ideal for continuous (24/7) and/or outdoor applications
Hamilton Renegade Poly Wheels
Premium quality 85 Shore A polyurethane for speeds up to 10 mph.
Renegade MAX Press-on Polyurethane Wheels
Ideally suited for super heavy loads riding over extra tough terrain.
Renegade Ultra Press-on Wheels
Specially formulated polyurethane for continuous use applications.
Renegade black rubber press-on wheels
Black rubber press-on tire for use at speeds up to 10 mph.
Non-narking white rubber press-on wheels
For use in applications up to 10 mph. Non-marking wheels.