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Please inquire about our American made products. We have product lines that have all or most of their components manufactured in the USA!

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Darnell-Rose is the world's leading full-line full-time manufacturer of high-quality casters, wheels, rubber bumpers, and industrial truck couplers, Their products are used worldwide by customer spanning the aviation, medical, electronics, food processing, automotive, and general material handling industries.

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Carpetmaster Series             
50 Series Light Duty Industrial  
40 Series Dual Wheel Piano Casters
90 Series Twin Lock Casters
30 Series Dual Wheel Industrial
60 Series Medium Duty Casters
70 Series Medium Duty Industrial  
80 Series Medium Heavy Duty  
A100 Series Medium Heavy Duty  
20 Series Heavy Duty Industrial  
R400 Series Forged Steel Casters  
R695 Series Forged Steel Casters  
R650 Series Heavy Duty Forged Steel  
R100 Series Heavy Duty  
R110 Series Heavy Duty Forged Steel  
R120 Series Extra Heavy Duty Forged Steel  
4500 Workstand Extra Heavy Duty  
5200 Workstand Super Heavy Duty  
R100,R110,R120 Dual Wheel Casters  
5100 Shock Absorbing Casters  
Replacement Wheels