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Threaded Stem Casters

For heavy objects that require mobility and ease of movement, caster wheels are the solution. Whether they are a single wheel caster or a swivel caster, caster wheels allow you to move any object, whether it be for industrial and commercial use, or home and office use, without overexerting yourself. At, casters are what we do! We understand the importance they play in your home and office and specialize in everything from plate casters to threaded stem casters.

We know that selecting the right caster can sometime be tricky, which is why we are here to help. As a general rule, there is no simple formula that can be followed in selecting the proper casters. Many varying and individual factors must be considered in order to make the selection. When selecting a caster, several factors should be considered: load requirements, wheel hardness and mounting method, as well as any special application requirements. Once you plug all of these pieces into the equation you'll find the right caster wheel for your application.

Caster wheels are made from many different materials: steel, iron, nylon, rubber or plastic. Each material has its own strengths and your selection should be based on the application. For questions on which caster is right for your needs, call us at 877-881-6814.