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Total & Directional Lock

Need a special lock on your caster? Have you been searching for the right type of locking casters? Our selection of directional lock casters and total locking casters is sure to offer something that will suit your needs. Our total lock brakes will lock both the swivel and the wheel. Our directional lock casters will lock the swivel only and help with steering your cart. This small addition can result in major convenience for you.

You’ll want to take a closer look at our MedCaster CX and CP lines. The CX line features chrome hospital casters with the new double pedal brake design for easy on and off functionality in both total lock and directional lock casters. The CP line is a nylon-covered hospital caster with the same locks at the CX line. Precision ball bearings in wheels for all of these casters will give you much easier rollability. The wheels also have full thread guards for added protection.

Access Casters has the casters you need for virtually any type of use. Whether you need a rubber swivel caster option for medical equipment or complete locking casters, we have them!

Count on Access Casters to be your best source for all types of caster wheels, from plate casters to swivel casters in all varieties and sizes. Not only are we committed to having the best and most diverse selection, we also feature deeply discounted pricing so that you can get what you need and stay on budget.