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Levelers from Atlas Casters

High-quality levelers are ideally suited for semiconductor, biotech, medical, and pharmaceutical applications. They are built to order with your choice of pad and stud material. A hardened stainless steel with an integral hex socket can be ordered for overhead adjustment under load conditions. Many custom options are also available. Please note that our load ratings are more realistic compared to other manufacturers. They do have a much higher static load capacity.

Quality Features:

  • attractive CNC machined finish
  • specially contoured ball socket substantially reduced friction and galling for ease of adjustment
  • anodized & stainless models have a CNC-machined stainless ball and hex
  • rolled vs. crimped ball socket
  • fully threaded stud for full retraction
  • anodized aluminum foot has excellent corrosion resistance and can be a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel
  • Levelers with hex sockets allow fast and easy overhead adjustment
  • class 2 threads


Our levelers are also offered with a neoprene pad that is structurally bonded to the base of the leveler foot. This eliminates the transmission of noise from mechanical vibrations.


Available on stainless leveler studs