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Light Duty Casters - Capacities to 350 lbs.

Need light duty casters? Find a wide range of plate fastened light duty casters here at We provide aluminum, rubber and polyurethane casters wheels, just to mention a few. Many people need light duty casters to move a wide range of equipment, in hotels, institutions, and offices. We have just the right size your carts, trucks or bins needs as well with 3, 4, and 5 inch caster wheels. For instance, our 4 inch caster wheels will provide a higher clearance and more maneuverability in some instances, while other times you need lower, 3 inch polyurethane casters wheels to take a higher load.

Detailed information is always available for individual light duty casters, as well as help in finding the perfect fit to get you moving by phone at 877-881-6814. For over 30 years, Access Casters has sought to make casters wheels affordable for all businesses, school and hospitals. Shop everything from anti static 4 inch caster wheels to 5 inch polyurethane casters wheels at the most affordable prices today.

Count on Access Casters to be your best source for all types of caster wheels, from plate casters to swivel casters in all varieties and sizes. Not only are we committed to having the best and most diverse selection, we also feature deeply discounted pricing so that you can get what you need and stay on budget.