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Caster Wheel Articles

Preventing Back Pain and Injuries with Caster Wheels
You don’t notice how heavy things are until they need to be moved or shuffled around. And even then, you think it’s not a big deal because they’re not moved all that often...

Medical Casters and Caster Wheels: Making Life Easier
It’s safe to assume that at some point in our daily lives, we’ve come across a situation where we had to move something that was very heavy—a two person job that would just be easier if whatever it was you were moving...

Caster Wheels in Real Life
Before caster wheels, if someone wanted something moved from room to room, they would have to move it manually.

Leveling Casters, Stem Casters, Medical Casters, Oh My!
You can read details on all of the leveling casters we carry or get all the specifications of stainless steel casters by reading the careful product descriptions we provide...

How to Maintain Caster Wheels: Maintenance Tips & Tricks
Is your platform cart, towline or other material handling equipment failing to work properly? Are you unsure of what’s causing the problem? The answer...

Adding Casters to Your Toolbox for Easier Transportation
If you’re in a trade that requires the need to constantly transport a large toolbox to and from work sites, or across large workspaces, having access...

What Makes a Caster Heavy Duty?
There are many industries depend on high-quality caster wheels in order for work to get done in an efficient and timely manner. Imagine...

How to Save Time in Your Medical Office When Moving Supplies
Medical technicians and assistants often spend more time on their feet, pushing carts from one corridor to the next, than they do...

3 Ways to Deliver Packages More Efficiently
If you’re a delivery truck driver or a delivery service manager, you’re probably always looking for ways to...

Facts About Casters
A caster is a wheel attached to an object to allow it to be moved. It can have a single, double, or compound wheel and may be a ball. Casters are...

3 Reasons Your Office Should Keep a Steady Supply of Caster Wheels On-Hand
A modern-day office is a relentlessly busy environment. Dozens of people scrambling around to... 

Benefits of Casters
Casters, or caster wheels, are attached to objects to make them easier to move. Some examples of...

Advantages of Pneumatic Wheels
Pneumatic casters have a wide variety of applications and advantages across many industries. Read on to...

Caster Wheels: Why They’re Crucial Components in the Medical, Food, and Retail Industries
In the medical, food, and industrial industries, many components go into making operations run...

5 Things to Think about When Choosing Caster Wheels
If you work in or own a business in an industry that frequently utilizes caster wheels, you know firsthand...

4 Things to Consider When Buying Medical Casters
There are many different types of industrial casters available. However, when you're looking for casters...

Preventing Workplace Injuries With Safe Equipment
Did you know that businesses pay billions every year for non-fatal workplace injuries?  Covering the cost of wages, lost time and worker’s compensation adds up. 

Maintaining Warehouse Casters and Wheels
When you have warehouse supplies that get regular use with heavy loads and uneven floors, your pneumatic casters and wheels get a lot of wear and tear.

Choosing Food Service Casters
Purchasing long-lasting food service equipment is an essential part of having a safe and functional kitchen.

The Blickle Way
Blickle is one of the quality manufacturers partnered with Access Casters to distribute phenomenal products.

The Toughest Casters on the Planet
Computer companies aren’t the only business ideas that were hatched in a home garage.  

A Smooth Ride
Polyurethane wheel casters are used for everything from shopping carts, heavy duty moving equipment and food service items to automotive and aerospace applications. 

Benefits of Kingpinless Caster
Swivel casters are used for everything from product display racks, filing cabinets and carts to heavy duty applications such as in the automotive and aerospace industries. 

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