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Hospitality Hotel Casters

These hotel casters combine the function of heavy duty casters with the style that the hospitality industry demands. With a 250 pound load capacity, our hotel casters permit your staff to move large and heavy loads of linen, supplies, or equipment quickly across even the largest properties. Reduce your labor costs by simplifying processes and reducing the time needed to move necessary equipment. These low profile casters allow you to move equipment quietly and quickly, making the management of your hotel that much easier. But even if you don’t manage a large hotel, these hospitality hotel casters can help in a smaller hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, casino, conference center, or business convention venue.


These hospitality hotel casters are versatile and can be used on many hotel staples, such as:

  • Luggage/Bellman carts
  • Housekeeping equipment
  • Laundry bins
  • Catering carts
  • Garbage bins
  • Hand trucks
  • Food service equipment
  • Audio visual equipment


Choose from gray or black color with many options to customize the low profile casters that best fit your needs. Hotel casters come in swivel or rigid pneumatic wheels for exactly the type of control you desire. Choose a hospitality hotel caster with an optional brake to ensure heavier loads stay where you place them.