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Medium Duty Wheels - 2" Wide

Many of today's equipment in medical offices, restaurants and industrial settings rely on caster wheels for mobility. Casters are mounted to the bottom of furniture and heavy equipment often in sets of four or more. At Access Casters Inc., we carry a wide selection of casters suitable for many commercial and industrial applications.

Rigid casters are fixed to move along a straight line while pivoting casters are mounted to allow automatic realignment when the equipment or furniture is turned. Since casters are weight-bearing, choosing the right one for your specific application is very important. Our medium duty casters come in various sizes with rated capacities ranging from 800 to 1,500 pounds.

Casters are expected to function well on smooth and flat surfaces, but flooring materials may vary in different workplaces. Polyurethane casters are non-marking and resistant to damage from oil, grease and chemicals. Select the right width and wheel diameter to make sure that medium duty casters perform at optimum capacity given equipment weight and type of floor surface.

In general, large diameter caster wheels will roll better, and casters on ball bearings roll better on most surfaces, but casters on roller bearings have greater load capacities. The type of wheel core for polyurethane casters may be aluminum, rubber or nylon.