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Low Profile Casters

Need a low profile caster wheel with high load capacity?  Take a look at our Business Machine caster wheels.  Our Bassick 00 Series features dual ball bearing construction, high load capacity, with a sleek, low profile design.  Typical applications for this caster is Electronic Equipment, Business Machines, Store Fixtures, and Laboratory Equipment.  Access Casters features a 2" wheel with a TPR, polyolefin dual wheel, or polyolefin single log wheel with 180 lbs to 300 lbs load capacity.  Mounting options for a 1/2" -13 x 1 threaded stem or a 7/16" x 1 7/16" grip ring or friction stem.  Other stem sizes available, please call for a quote.  Swivel top plate mounts are also available.  Optional side lock brakes are available on all mounting types. 
Need a higher capacity?  Bassick's Low Profile Medium Heavy Duty casters features high load capacity, low profile design, ROHS compliant product.  Typical applications include but not limited to Copiers, Business Machines, Vending Machines, Computer Storage Devices, Refrigerated Displays, and Electronics cabinets.  Access Casters features the 3" caster wheel available in phenolic, glass filled nylon, or urethane wheel materials with 700 lbs load capacity.  900 lbs or 1000 lbs load capacity is available, please call for a quote.  Optional sure-lok brake or thumb screw brakes are available.

Our low profile casters have the latest features and capabilities, making them even more versatile than ever before.

No matter the application you hope to use them in, our low profile casters can get the job done, providing you with a way to make almost any item or equipment mobile. Plus, as always, we offer a discount for those who purchase a large quantity of any one caster model.

Choose the low profile caster that best suits your purpose based on size, either 2 inches or 3 inches. Either of these sizes is available in threaded or unthreaded caster for easy installation on your equipment. Our basic single wheel pneumatic caster is a good multifunctional caster for those who may seek to use the same wheels over and over. Our dual wheel casters, meanwhile, allow you to rotate and move large items more easily, with less flutter during movement. For optimal control, choose from our plate casters, which feature a plate that holds equipment in place, available in either dual or single wheel.

Many of our low profile casters include increased safety features to protect your most expensive equipment, regardless of size. Some of these applications have an optional push brake function for easy stopping. This safety feature allows you to better protect your equipment as you move it. If you are increasingly concerned about using a brake with your equipment, we also have thumb screw brakes that take longer to apply but protect the equipment against any movement at all. We also have a large selection of pneumatic casters.