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Angle Iron Mount Casters

While all wheels may serve the same function, they are not all made the same. For increased strength and mobility, angle iron stem casters are a great consideration. These stem casters can serve a variety of workplace needs thanks to the number of options available.

Angle iron stem casters are used to mount wheels to iron or square tubing. By using iron, the product is especially strong and secure. The angle of the caster bracket is designed for the utmost flexibility, and the bracket can be mounted from the outside or from the inside. As an added layer of protection, these casters all have an electro plated finish, which provides a nice appearance and long term durability.

These casters are also equipped to move freely. Swivel casters are a great choice because they move in more than one direction, which makes them far more versatile on the job. Moreover, there are swivel casters to fit wheels between three and five inches. This means that it is easy to select rubber wheel casters for any number of workplace needs. Larger rubber wheel casters can support more weight, but smaller casters have increased flexibility. Exact specifications will vary from product to product.

Angle Iron Stem Casters
Used for mounting to angle iron or square tubing
3", 4" & 5" swivel casters with hard rubber wheels.
The angle caster bracket can be attached from the outside or inside. 
Electro plated finish