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Albion 18 Series Ergonomic Precision Casters

Albion's 18 Series Ergonomic Precision Caster wheels with capacities up to 1,250 lbs. each wheel.
Ergonomically designed for ease of movement and quiet mobility. 
Sealed precision swivel bearing
is maintenance free and 
significantly reduces push/pull force, keeping equipment and operators safer
and improving efficiency.  Albion 18 
Series casters are among the smoothest casters in the industry.


  • Top Plate & Yoke Base: Cold Formed from 1/4" steel plate

  • Swivel Section:  Precision sealed ball bearing eliminates need for routine maintenance

  • Legs: 1/4" steel formed to increase strength and double welded to swivel section

  • Axle: 1/2" diameter solid axle with lock nut

  • Maintenance Free: Lubrication unnecessary with maintenance free swivel section and wheel bearing design

  • Finish: All parts, except wheel, are zinc plated


  • Picking carts

  • Light towing carts

  • JIT Carts

  • AGV & tow line applications


  • Hand operated field installable swivel lock

  • Foot operated field installable swivel lock

  • Face contact brake

    Contact Access Casters for assistance in selecting the correct caster for your application