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Medical Casters

Being able to get medical equipment from room to room with ease can be a life or death situation for some patients. That is why Access Casters Inc. only carries the very best in medical casters at our store. These swivel casters can be added to the bottom of just about any piece of equipment you might need to make mobile.

Available Medical Caster Include:

  • Autoclave Casters – These casters are designed to withstand high temperatures so that you can easily transport your autoclave machine wherever you need it to go. These casters include a dual ball swivel, plastic thread guards for extra protection, and 304 polished stainless steel casters.
  • Chrome Casters – A classic caster choice that is available with or without a brake. These casters also come with a grip ring or threaded stem.
  • IV Cart Caster – If your patient is mobile, their IV system needs to be mobile. These casters come in many sizes to fit the types of IV machines you have at your office or hospital. They can come with or without brakes per your specification.
  • Nylon Casters – Made from nylon instead of metal, these casters are an affordable option when you are looking for something to move your equipment around without scratching your floors.
  • Razor Casters – Another type of caster that won't scuff your floor. These casters also feature a great swivel.
  • Wheelchair Casters – When your wheelchairs start to wear, you should consider just replacing the casters. This is a much more cost-effective solution when compared to buying a brand-new wheelchair.

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