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Heavy Duty Wheels

The proper heavy duty caster wheels for your application will offer the perfect balance between diameter and composition. Industrial casters must often deal with massive loads, and heavy duty casters of sufficient diameter will aid in equalizing weight distribution while rolling easily over cracks and other flooring imperfections.

A caster’s composition is a vital consideration, particularly where extreme conditions exist. For use in settings where noise is a concern, mold-on rubber or nylon casters will roll quietly while protecting scratch-prone flooring. Nylon casters in particular boast a strong resistance to solvents and other caustic substances.

If noise suppression is not a concern, cast iron or forged-steel casters may prove the better choice, particularly in locations where oils and corrosive elements pose a threat to longevity. Although both materials withstand the heaviest loads and highest temperatures, forged steel offers the greater degree of tensile strength.

For the best of both worlds, many prefer industrial casters composed of polyurethane bonded to sturdy cast iron. In addition to running quietly while handling the more substantial loads, these heavy duty caster wheels exhibit a high resistance to the grease, oil and other corrosive agents that can often shorten the lives of heavy duty casters.

Replacement caster wheels for heavy duty applications.
Wheels range from 6" x 2-1/2" to 16" x 4"
Polyurethane on Cast Iron, Forged Steel, Cast Iron, Forged Steel, Solid Nylon, Moldon Rubber