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Expansion Stem Casters

Access Casters helps you get your hollow-leg restaurant carts, metal shelving units, medical equipment and work tables rolling smoothly with quality expansion stem casters. Unlike regular stem casters that fasten directly, the rubber stems on expansion stem casters expand to fit snugly inside various sizes of hollow tubing with a few turns of a wrench. We carry three, four and five-inch expansion stem table casters that feature premium soft rubber, hard rubber, polyurethane tread or thermoplastic rubber wheels for precise control and ease of movement on every floor surface in your workplace.

If your table doesn't have standard 1-1/2" ID tubing, we offer a variety of sizes in optional expansion adapters, so you can personalize your order for the perfect fit. Choose an expansion brake caster to provide safe, secure stops or a cushion black rubber wheel caster for quiet operation. No good commercial service table or cart should be forced to live a stationary life just because its maker didn't include custom casters; browse our great collection of expansion stem casters, and find the perfect solution to make all your valuable equipment mobile.

Expansion Stem Casters 
Casters are ideal for worktables and hollow leg tables.
Standard Expansion stem size is for 1-1/2" ID tubing
Optional size expansion kits are available.