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Gate and Ladder Casters

Homeowners, gated community associations, industries and commercial operations can choose spring loaded gate casters, ladder wheels and other gate casters from Access Casters Inc. Our spring loaded casters are ideal for automatic operations such as community privacy gates that open and close via code systems. Choices include a solid rubber gate wheel with or without the brake.

Browse through specifications by clicking on photos or the names of each spring loaded gate wheel. Here you will find a variety of sizes ranging from four to eight inches along with various load capacities. In addition for use on gates, these spring loaded gate casters are also ideal for use as ladder wheels when workers need to frequently move tall exterior ladders from place to place on a work site. For heavy duty applications, Access Casters Inc. has the large semi pneumatic spring loaded gate wheel to accommodate large loads. Unsure of which spring loaded casters to purchase? No problem. Contact us via email or phone to discuss your gate casters needs. We pride ourselves on customer service, quality and integrity.

See our Gate Caster catalog for more information.