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Pipe Stem Casters

Pipe stem casters are a convenient way to make any piece of workplace equipment more mobile. To serve this need, there are a wide range of caster options. Pipe stem swivel casters in particular are especially useful because they provide increased mobility without sacrificing too much control. With swivel capabilities, the casters can turn more easily and in more directions. This dramatically increases the functionality of the casters and ultimately impacts the ease of movement in the workplace.

Pipe stem swivel casters with brake are of particular interest because they provide an extra layer of protection. Wheels can be convenient, but it is important to be able to hold equipment still when needed. Pipe stem swivel casters with brake provide the best of both worlds with increased mobility and secure placement.

It is worth noting that pipe stem swivel casters are available with both soft and hard wheels. Soft wheel casters do not support as much weight, but the lighter material is gentle on the floor. Hard wheel casters with a four inch swivel and a 3/4 inch NPT male stem can support up to 300 pounds of weight, making these pipe stem casters versatile tools in the workplace.


4" Swivel and swivel casters with brakes.

3/4" NPT male stem

Hard rubber wheel casters with 300 pound capacity

Soft rubber wheel casters with 225 pound capacity