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Scaffolding Casters

No matter what kind of scaffolding you use or the manner in which you use it, you can find scaffolding casters here at Access Casters that will make getting from one area of your project to another more convenient. Additionally, stem caster wheels with brakes will make using your scaffolding after a move even safer.

For instance, painters may opt for rubber casters on their scaffolding that will support their weight as they paint higher areas in a building or home. The maneuverability offered by this simple addition will make projects go more quickly and efficiently, while also keeping workers safe.

We also carry steel caster wheels that serve as scaffolding casters, which are designed to bear greater weight loads and may be better for larger scale projects, such as tuckpointing or masonry work. Whatever your purpose, when you need top quality scaffolding casters that will help you work more safely and efficiently, we have the options you want.