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Dual Wheel Pneumatic Casters offers this complete collection of dual wheel casters from industry leader Hamilton Casters to accommodate your heavy duty mobility needs. These casters feature load capacities that range between 590 and 7,260 pounds. Dual wheel casters are highly recommended and utilized for moving items with this level of weight when protection of the load and the floors is a high concern. Damage is always a risk with high weight loads, but using pneumatic casters and others in this collection can help minimize that danger.

If you transport fragile materials or parts, or if you move delicate instruments over rough floors, you should consider these dual wheel casters. Hamilton casters are among the best available and you can count on AccessCasters to have the size and type you need to get the job done as safely and securely as possible. Whether you’re interested in pneumatic casters or something else, you’re sure to find it here.