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Albion 850 Shockmaster Kingpinless Dual Wheel Cast

850 Shockmaster Kingpinless
Dual Wheel Casters 


This dual wheel caster has been designed with features tailored to meet the varied needs of the aviation ground support equipment industry. 850 Series are equally at home in many other extremely abusive and rugged applications.


  • Custom applications
  • Towable transportation equipment
  • Aircraft wing jacks and dollies
  • Aircraft assembly fixtures
  • Aircraft work platform stands


  • Top Plate: 3/4" thick AISI 1045 steel one-piece forging precisionmachined and through-hardened for long life
  • Yoke Base: AISI 1045 steel forging welded using 100,000 psi weld filler to 3/4" thick adapter plate
  • Swivel Section: 7/8" ball bearings mounted in a 7" diameter precision machined raceway. Zerk in swivel section
  • Legs: 3/4" thick through-hardened steel welded to yoke base using 100,000 psi weld filler
  • Axle: 1-1/4” diameter
  • Alternate or custom caster configurations available