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Medium Duty Casters - Capacities to 1,250 lbs.

Looking for industrial caster wheels for those tough to move objects? Our medium duty plate casters are ideal for waste disposal trucks, warehouse and floor trucks. All of these plate casters come with rigid, swivel and swivel with brakes options. These medium load bearing industrial caster wheels can bear up to 1200 lbs. Choose from poly on iron, TPR, and phenolic wheels as well as a range of sizes from 4 to 8 inches to get the maneuverability and clearance you require.

Dollies are on the go with our medium duty casters. Certain wheels are better for the job than others. For example, phenolic wheels are cost effective alternative when you need the load bearing ability of steel or cast iron wheels. Load weight, floor conditions and ease of rolling are all taken into account to let you know which medium duty casters are right for your hospital, business or school. Access Casters is here for all of your sizing and options, using over 30 years experience to make sure you have the best bearing, wheel type and price for your industrial casters as possible.