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Darnell-Rose 20 Series Casters

The Darnell-Rose  20 Series casters are designed for heavy-duty service, construction features include 3/8" top plate, thick welded yoke, and a double ball bearing swivel raceway that is machined to close tolerances and exact dimensions.  Both a neoprene seal and metal dust cap are used to prevent foreign matter from obstructing the swivel raceway.  Pressure lubrication fittings are provide in both the swivel fork and the wheel axle bolt.  These casters may be the right choice when standard medium duty casters are failing in your application.

Used in heavy-duty applications such as:

Heavy Machinery
Die Setting Tables
Computer Mainframes
Air Cargo Dollies
Cranes and Gantries
Electric Pallet Lifts

Darnell-Rose Casters

For nearly 100 years Darnell-Rose has been the innovator in engineering and manufacturing
of high quality casters, wheels, rubber bumpers, industrial truck couplers, and conveyor systems.
Our full-line of products are used worldwide by customers spanning the aviation, medical,
electronics, food processing, automotive, and general material handling industries.

Our products withstand constant use and abuse, because they are hand crafted in the USA
using only high quality raw materials and components. These robust products are tested in various
simulations to provide years of service with minimal downtime, regardless of the in-plant
environment, floor surface, load capacities, or impact strength required.