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Kingpinless Stainless Steel Casters

These Kingpinless casters from industry leader Albion casters are top quality caster wheels that have been exclusively constructed from stainless steel in order to provide the utmost in versatility and durability. Our Kingpinless casters are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, including those that will expose the caster wheels to potent cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, and other corrosive elements that might cause lesser casters to rust.

Browse this collection of Albion casters to find the right size and construction to suit your needs. Each product below offers a detailed product description that includes information about mounting plate sizes, load ratings, wheel materials, and more. This information can help ensure you get the perfect fit for the very best in functionality.

Additionally, you can count on Access Casters to provide superior customer care if you have questions or concerns about these caster wheels. Feel free to contact us any time.