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Low Profile Stem Casters

Find only the best selection of low profile stem casters here at Access Our stem casters selection includes friction ring, grip ring stems and threaded stem casters. We offer low profile wheels with a superior stem attachment in our stem casters selection, as well as thermoplastic-rubber wheels, polyolefin log wheels, or glass filled nylon wheels. Heavy objects and equipment don’t have to remain in awkward placements. Make sure your office, theatrical or laboratory equipment is exactly where it needs to be with the aid of low profile stem casters. Low profile stem casters keep heavy equipment low to the ground, but provide a great deal of mobility for objects weighing 180 lbs, 225 lbs, 300 lbs, and even 400lbs. We offer a variety of options to make sure you have the right casters for your job, whether single or twin wheel casters and stems in ½ to ¾ inches.

Finished in zinc, many of our threaded stem casters include a brake for when you need to keep equipment or fixtures in a temporary place, or pause during transportation. Get the most mobility from your electronic equipment, fixtures, and printers with our single and twin wheel casters.