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Sockets & Brackets

For those that operate retail locations, store or shop configuration is critical and fluid. This means you always need the capability and flexibility to move inventory around and highlight items to increase sales. It goes without saying that having your store displays on caster wheels is essential, as is having other tools to always have your shop as attractive as possible to patrons. Additionally, you need to ensure your store is safe, which means that you’ll need items such as wood sockets, corner brackets, nut sockets, and more to make these sets, once in the proper place, stationary.

For instance, if you need a specific tube socket for your stem casters, you can purchase a 100 piece carton to ensure you’re always stocked. Most of our wood sockets, nut sockets, and other accessory pieces are sold similarly.

With unbeatable prices and a vast selection, you’re sure to find precisely what you need to keep your store looking great and ringing in the profits! Count on Access Casters to help every time!