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Pneumatic Casters

Our pneumatic casters offer superior performance, combining increased traction with easier steering for a smoother overall ride.

If you often have difficulty steering and turning your equipment, pneumatic casters can be the perfect solution. Whether the rigid model or the one that is designed to swivel, these casters offer superior traction and precision steering through the use of compressed air in the wheel. Recommended for cargo containers, these casters can ideally work on any equipment that will be moved manually.

Access Casters carries the largest variety of pneumatic casters in the industry. We have access to pneumatic casters with wheels ranging in size from 6" to 21".  If you need help choosing the best caster for your application please contact us at 773-881-4186.  

Think of the wheels on your car and all the functions they serve. In addition to allowing the car to move, they cushion the car, drivers, and passengers from bumps in the road, and make it easier for the car to pass over rough surfaces. This is due to the use of pneumatic, or compressed, air in the tire.

Our pneumatic casters employ the same principle in a smaller size. The compressed air within pneumatic casters allows the wheel to keep its shape even when it encounters resistance or rough terrain. The caster wheels even look like little tires, complete with tread patterns on the surface. All of these features combine to give the pneumatic wheel a softer, smoother ride, whether on a smooth floor surface or across textured carpet.

Available as stem casters for faster installation on pre-drilled items, or as plate casters for increased stability, these wheels are suitable for just about any form of equipment. Each model is available with an optional brake, to secure equipment once it arrives where you need it.