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Caster Wheels

From light duty wheels to heavy duty caster wheels, Access Casters has the right options to help you get the maximum efficiency and functionality you need for any application. Whether you need steel caster wheels for industrial use or no flat caster wheels for outdoor use, we’ve got it right here. Be sure to read more about each type’s features, such as load capacity, typical uses, size, and more.

You’ll find wheels for:

· Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty

· High Temperatures

· Anti-Static

· Handtruck

· 3D Storage

In addition to these purposes, we also offer phenolic wheels, premium poly tread wheels, v-groove wheels, and stainless steel options. Whatever the application, we have the caster wheels that will help you move items as efficiently and effectively as possible. These replacement caster wheels are nice to have on-hand to ensure there’s no downtime or frustration when a wheel wears out or breaks.

Still having trouble determining the right option for your needs? Choosing between heavy duty caster wheels or thinking medium duty may be enough? Check out our resources from industry experts!