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High Temperature Wheels

High temperature caster wheels have a number of useful applications. Though these wheels are typically used in food service, they are also used in medical institutions. This type of wheel is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time. The right wheels allow for autoclaving and disinfection, which in turn creates a safer environment for medical care.

Around the world, restaurants and institutional kitchens use rubber caster wheels to provide quality meals. Most of these establishments strive to ensure safe, nutritious and tasteful consumables. To achieve these goals, these organizations need outstanding equipment of all kinds. All institutions that use walk-in ovens need specialized caster wheels designed with precision and care.

The best hi-temp wheels are known for durability and strength. Commonly, these wheels can withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 450 degrees. However, some food service casters can withstand an impressive 550 degrees. It's no secret that the United States features one of the strongest, most vibrant food service industries in the world. Restaurants need equipment like hi-temp wheels to continue contributing to the broader economy. Fortunately, makers of food service casters continually produce items with impeccable physical properties and good value.

High temperature caster wheels
Ideal for use in bakery applications
Special glass filled nylon construction
For use up to 550 F intermittent, and 475 F continuous
Plain bores with maintenance free coated bushings