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Spring Loaded Casters

Access Casters offer a wide range of spring loaded casters from top manufacturers so that you can purchase precisely what you need, knowing you’re getting the best available product at a competitive price point. You’ll find shock absorbing casters, swivel casters, and rigid casters made to withstand up to 500 pounds of load capacity.

Read the product specification for the type of spring loaded casters you need to determine the right height and size you need. You can also check out the wheel materials and bolt hole pattern specifications in order to feel even more confident about your purchase.

Access Casters is your single best source for finding not only a variety of shock absorbing casters like these, but caster wheels designed to specifically meet your functionality and exceed your expectations. Additionally, we have a number of resource articles available to assist you with caster maintenance and conversion instructions.

Spring Loaded Casters from Top Manufacturers
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