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Plate Mounted Total Lock Casters

Trying to haul heavy loads on dollies or other equipment that doesn’t have the right type of casters attached to them can end up making your job just as hard as trying to move everything by hand. Finding the correct kind of casters is an absolute must when you are looking to keep your manufacturing plant or warehouse running at an optimal level of performance.

Access Casters Inc. offers a wide variety of different plate casters designed to help you get the performance you desire. This includes our selection of plate-mounted, total lock casters. These total lock casters are the perfect option when standard brakes just won’t cut it.

Sometimes spinning and swiveling can be a big help when moving items, but not always. If you need to keep your equipment from rolling so that it remains safe and secure, you are going to want plate casters that lock properly. This turns those swivel casters into completely stationary ones.

If you are interested in learning more about all of the different types of total lock casters we have to offer, or you are not sure if this is the right type of caster for you; then please contact us today. We will gladly use our expertise to guide you toward the best solution to meet your needs.