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No Flat Casters

If you need to move cargo containers, food handling equipment, and other warehouse goods, the best solution can be found at Access Casters. Whether you need a swivel caster with brake or pneumatic wheels to absorb shock, we have you covered. The options are endless—find swivel casters with high weight capacities, rubber casters with fixed plates and so much more. You’ll be amazed at the big difference this small enhancement can make when it comes to efficiency.

Each product has specific details about load capacity, height, plate size, and additional features. When you need rigid casters for stability or swivel casters for maneuverability, you can find precisely the caster wheel to perform as you wish. Shop by type, usage, or industry to ensure you find the right fixed or swivel casters for your purposes.

Access Casters has everything you need to make carts, equipment, and anything else in your office or industrial space movable. With all the options and features, you’ll not only make it easier for staff to move item, you can also stabilize them and adjust the height for greater access. Shop our no-flat casters and all other items today.

.No-flat casters are a great alternative when you are looking for a caster that offers a smooth, cushioned ride without the possible inconvenience of flat tires.  Access Casters offer one of the largest selection of no-flat casters in the industry.  If you need any help making a selection please call us at 773-881-4186.