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Toolbox Casters

Whether you run a shop or are a DIY homeowner, having easy access to your tools is vital to getting the job done right. We carry a wide range of toolbox casters that can be used on Knaack, Jobox, and Greenlee storage units. Each set includes four caster wheels that are tailor made for certain models and will give your tool storage a whole new dimension of convenience.

These 4 and 6 inch caster wheels vary in design and weight capacity. Read the product specifications to be sure you are choosing the right toolbox casters for the unit that you have and that their capacity will accommodate your needs. Most are in stock for immediate shipment.

Adding caster wheels to your tool storage units will not only make moving your tools from one project to another easier, it will also be safer. Having your tools move with you will help you get jobs done more quickly and avoid misplacing tools when they are not properly put away.