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Heavy Duty Plate Casters

You’ll appreciate the variety and value available from Access Casters when it comes to our selection of heavy duty plate casters and wheels. Our extensive range enables you to pinpoint the right option for your racks, dollies, or other equipment. Whether you need a forged steel wheel or polymer construction, you can assure our heavy duty products are designed to last.

Each of our heavy duty caster wheels provides detailed information about their construction and sizing. This helps you easily browse our selection to find just the right type of caster wheel you need for the job. Contact us today to place an order or to ask any questions you might have about the different materials we have available.

Customized for Quality

The heavy duty casters available in our shop range in color, size, design, and material. That means you should be able to find the right option to perfectly fit any type of application you might have in mind. Not only that, but thanks to our informational site, you are able to find comprehensive descriptions about our caster wheels so you can see what works for you as well as learn how to maintain them properly.

Whether you are looking for 6", 8", or 10" heavy duty wheels, we’re always happy to assist you online or by phone. If you cannot find what you need, then let us do the leg work for you to help you find exactly what you need. Not only are we committed to having the best and most diverse selection, but we also feature deeply discounted pricing so that you can stay on budget without having to compromise.