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LHF-ALST 200K-16-CO Blickle 8" Top Plate Dimensions LHF-ALST 200K-16-CO  LHF-ALST 200K-16-CO Wheel and Bracket Information

LHF-ALST 200K-16-CO Blickle 8" Swivel Spring Loaded Caster ALST Wheel Plate

8 x 2 ALST Wheel Swivel Spring Loaded Caster Ball bearing 1540 lbs capacity
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Product Description

8 x 2" ALST wheel
Tread: High-quality polyurethane-elastomer
72 ° Shore A,
Green, non-marking, non-staining.
Wheel Center: Die-cast aluminum.
Ball Bearing

Swivel Steel Spring loaded Caster
Spring Tension 1255 lbs
Initial Tension 110 lbs
Spring Travel 1"

Overall plate size 4 1/2 x 6 1/4
Bolt hole pattern 2 7/16 - 5 1/4 slotted to 3 3/8 x 4 15/16

Mounting hole size 9/16
Offset 2 9/16

Total height: 10 7/16" 
1540 lbs load capacity

RoHS Compliant