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Please inquire about our American made products. We have product lines that have all or most of their components manufactured in the USA!

Most of our products are RoHS Compliant please ask about the specific product you need.

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Light Duty Wheels and Castors               
Synthetic and Deisgner Castors  
Wheels and Castors Solid Rubber Tyres
Wheels and Castors with Soft Rubber Tyres    
Heavy-Duty casters Elastic Solid Rubber Tyres 
Wheels and Castors with Pneumatic Tyres
Heavy Duty Wheels and Castors with super-elastic Solid Rubber Tyres  
Casters with Injection-Moulded Poly Thread  
Heavy Duty Casters Poly Tread Blickle Softhane®  
Heavy Duty Casters Cast Poly Tread Blickle Extrathane®  
Nylon Casters Polypropylene Wheels and Castors  
Heavy Duty Nylon Castors  
Cast Iron Wheels and Castors  
Extra Heavy Duty Solid Steel Castors  
Flanged Wheels and Castors  
Stainless-Steel Castors  
Heat-Restistant Wheels and Castors  
Spring-Loaded Heavy Duty Castors  
Rollers and Wheels for Pallet Trucks  
Wheels and Tyres for Forklift Trucks  
Guide Rollers  
American Standard  Casters Catalog   
12 Series  
LRA Series for 3/8" mounting bolt  Buy Online
LKRA Series for 1/2" mounting bolt Buy Online
LKRXA Series stainless steel for 1/2" mounting bolt Buy Online
LKPA Series top plate Buy Online
LKPXA Series stainless steel top plate Buy Online
L Series top plate Buy Online
LER Series for 1/2" mounting bolt Buy Online
LEXR Series stainless for 1/2" mounting bolt Buy Online
L1 Series Heat resistant top plate Buy Online
LIX Series stainless heat resistant top plate Buy Online
14 Series  
LK/LE Series top plate Buy Online
LKX Series stainless top plate Buy Online
LEX Series stainless top plate Buy Online
LEH Series top plate Buy Online
LH Series top plate Buy Online
16 Series  
LS Series Extra Heavy duty top plate Buy Online
LHF Series spring loaded Buy Online
LSFE Series spring loaded Buy Online
Pneumatic & Soft Solid Tires  
Pneumatic & Soft Solid tires Buy Online
HRLK Series With Truck Lock  
HRLK Series with Truck Lock Buy Online
Drum & Dead Man's Brake Casters  
Drum & Dead Man's brake casters Buy Online
TPA Wheels Buy Online
PATH Wheels Buy Online
VE Wheels Buy Online
POEV, ALEV, SE Wheels Buy Online
P, PS Wheels Buy Online
VLE  Wheels Buy Online
POTH Wheels Buy Online
ALST, GST  Wheels Buy Online
ALBS Wheels Buy Online
ALTH, VSTH, GTH Wheels Buy Online
GB Wheels Buy Online
GTHN Wheels Buy Online
POA, PO POG Wheels Buy Online
SPOG, POW Wheels Buy Online
GSPO Wheels Buy Online
SPK, SPKGSPO Wheels Buy Online
DSPK, DPKGSPO Wheels Buy Online
POSI Wheels Buy Online
POHI Wheels Buy Online