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Hamilton Enhanced Precision Super Duty Casters

Series EPSD
Enhanced Precision Super Duty Casters

Capacity Range: 2000 – 10,000 lbs.

The Enhanced Precision Super Duty (EPSD) Series is a handsome caster with good proportions and balance. The series is a significant upgrade from the PSD Series it replaces and is better positioned to outperform in applications suited between our Maxi-Duty (MD) and Extra Heavy Duty (EHD) Series.

The unit load bearing has been replaced with new HPI™ Swivel Technology that has been proven superior to designs with conventional unit load bearings. The new EPSD also features a slightly larger top plate with slotted holes to accommodate the former PSD Series bolt pattern and adds an additional bolt pattern popular in the industry.

Quality Features & Specs

Swivel Construction
1/2" thick drop forged steel mounting plate; 3/8" x 4" precision laser cut steel legs robotically welded inside and out to forged steel horn base.

1" diameter integrally forged with mounting plate and threaded for adjustable slotted nut and cotter pin.

Main Load Bearing
HPI™ thrust bearing with outside diameter of 5 5/16"; raceways hardened to 58-62HRC and ground to surface finish 16 micro inches.

Secondary Load Bearing
1" precision tapered thrust bearing counteracts radial thrust.

Product Finish
Powder Coated - Caster rigs are powder coated with Hamilton’s new Crimson Powder, a metallic HAA Polyester providing a premium look and excellent durability for both interior and exterior environments.

1" dia. grade 5 hex head with lock nut.

Lubrication Fittings
Ball-check type in swivel assembly and in wheels with tapered roller bearings.