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Inferno Series Medium Duty Casters

Inferno™ Series Medium Duty Casters

Capacity Range: 360 – 960 lbs. Temperature Range: -22 – 750° F

For standard high heat industrial applications, look no further than Hamilton’s new medium duty Inferno Series. These casters are zinc plated with the most popular mounting plate (4” x 4-1/2”) among industrial casters. This series features two different swivel constructions: the H52 models represents our standard duty rigs with high heat grease in the cold forged raceways. The H52 models are more cost effective compared to the more rugged 52HK models.

The 52HK Models have a more durable kingpinless construction and are an excellent middle-ground value between the lowest cost H52 and our even tougher heavy duty high heat kingpinless.

Unique dual-wheel models are also available featuring our new Ultratherm Wheel. Though pricey and limited to 4" diameter, these casters represent the highest rated high heat casters at 520 lbs. to provide both excellent floor protection and quiet operation. The dual wheel models are available in standard cold forged (H5242) or kingpinless (524HK2) swivel constructions.

Quality Features & Specs
Swivel Construction
H52 - Formed steel mounting plate and horn base. Legs 1/4" x 2" plate steel, contoured and continuously welded to horn base.
52Hk - Mounting plate and inner raceway is a weldment constructed from 1045 steel.

H52 - 5/8" diameter orbitally formed rivet.
52HK is kingpinless.

Main and Secondary Load Bearing
H52 - Hardened and polished steel balls rotate in two heat treated raceways.
52HK - The raceway is CNC machined for precision swiveling to a finished size of 2 3/8” diameter then induction hardened to 45-50 Rockwell C for long wear with 3/8” hardened and polished steel balls.

1/2" diameter bolt with lock nut.

Lubrication Fittings
High temp grease rated to 750° F (In swivel assembly) and in wheels with roller bearings.