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Heavy Duty Economical

When you need heavy duty swivel casters or rigid casters that are made to go the distance, this collection is sure to offer something perfect. We carry a wide selection of 6 inch casters8 inch casters, and 12 inch casters that have load capacities of 3000 pounds and more. You can also find casters with and without brakes and wheel construction made from a range of materials, such as rubber on cast iron, poly on cast iron, and phenolic wheels. These types of heavy duty casters are often used for die tables, machinery dollies, mobile home dollies, and have a variety of uses in the automotive industry. Whatever combination you need to make your operation run smoothly, we have it here.

Shop Access Casters for any kind of caster wheels you may need, including the heavy duty swivel casters you’ve found here. To ensure you have the caster you need, read our detailed product descriptions or contact us for guidance.

Count on Access Casters to be your best source for all types of caster wheels, from plate casters to swivel casters in all varieties and sizes. Not only are we committed to having the best and most diverse selection, we also feature deeply discounted pricing so that you can get what you need and stay on budget.