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Heavy Duty Industrial

Access Casters has a wide range of different heavy duty casters with the features you need for the best performance and function. You’ll find options from the Albion 90 Series, high quality Hamilton casters, and other reliable industrial casters that are made for conveyor-drawn tow trucks, heavy duty food racks, production dollies, and other uses.

Our Albion casters feature capacities up to 3500 pounds and are made from AISI drop forged steel construction. The wheels can be cast iron, forged steel, polyurethane, phenolic ductile iron, or trionix cast polymer, in four-inch to twelve-inch sizes. The Hamilton line offers a variety of sizes and materials to suit your specific needs as well.

From heavy duty casters with brakes to swivel casters that can bear more than a ton a weight, you’ll find the perfect casters for peak performance and functionality in industrial applications right here. Turn to Access Casters for our wide selection of top quality options and get exactly the right caster to get the job done right.

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