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Hamilton Series FM Forgemaster Casters

Series FM
ForgeMaster Casters

Capacity Range: 540 – 2,200 lbs.

Hamilton's ForgeMaster™ Casters were designed to match popular industry mounting plate, bolt hole and overall height specifications. However, the precision tapered thrust bearing and guaranteed-for-life integrally forged kingpin design make it superior to the double ball race casters in its class.

Quality Features & Specs

Swivel Construction
3/8" thick drop forged steel mounting plate; 5/16" x 2 1/2" precision laser cut steel legs robotically welded inside and outside to forged steel horn base.

1" diameter integrally forged with mounting plate guaranteed for life, threaded for 3/4" diameter lock nut.

Main Load Bearing
CNC-machined 3 1/4" diameter raceway; 1/2" diameter hardened and polished steel balls.

Secondary Load Bearing
1" precision tapered thrust bearing counteracts radial thrust.

Product Finish
Powder Coated - Caster rigs are powder coated with Hamilton’s new Crimson Powder, a metallic HAA Polyester providing a premium look and excellent durability for both interior and exterior environments.

3/4" diameter hex head with lock nut.

Lubrication Fittings
Ball-check type in swivel assembly and wheel hub.


Hamilton Durability

Three Year Warranty

The ForgeMaster™ Series (FM) is backed by Hamilton’s Three Year Product Warranty. Refer to selection table for qualifying wheels.