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Super Duty Industrial Casters

These super heavy duty industrial casters are made by top manufacturers Albion and Hamilton. You can choose either the 94 or the 95 Series of Albion casters or the options from Hamilton casters, which include their Enhanced Precision Super Duty or Maxi Duty collections. We also offer the dual wheel casters that are made to withstand load capacities of up to 15,000 pounds and last for many years of service.

To learn more about the Hamilton casters or the Albion casters, select a category below. You can get vital information about the weight loads these industrial casters can bear, the sizing of bolts, axles, and plates, and additional details. When you need your caster wheels to go the distance, these are the right selections for you. Read the product descriptions, find what you need, and shop now to get them fast. Or, you can reach out to us and we can help narrow your selections for the best possible solution.


Super Heavy Duty Casters With Capacities up to 17,000 pounds
Albion 94 and 95 Series Casters
Hamilton MD, MDD & EPSD Series
Made in the USA.
One week or less lead time for most casters.
Purchase online or call Mike at 773-881-4186.
**Click on pictures for more detailed product specifications.