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Please inquire about our American made products. We have product lines that have all or most of their components manufactured in the USA!

Most of our products are RoHS Compliant please ask about the specific product you need.

Jarvis Casters


A brand of Colson Group USA

Jarvis Casters manufactures casters and wheels for hospitality and food service needs.  Jarvis also specializes in custom mobility solutions.  Featuring a wide
variety of NSF-listed wheel, fastening, finish, and size options.  Jarivs is equipped to handle the most challenging of service equipment needs.

 Call Access Casters today with questions on our Jarvis line.


L2-L9 Light Duty Casters                        
291 General Duty Casters
Business Machine Dual Wheel Casters 
Business Machine Single Wheel Casters
Business Machine Single Wide Wheel
Business Machine Single Wide Heavy Duty
13 Threaded Stem Casters

14 Spring Ring Stem Casters

25 Top Plate Casters
27 Expanding Adapter Stem Casters
28 Hollow Kingpin Casters
W13 Threaded Stem Casters
W14 Spring Ring Stem Casters
W25 Top Plate Casters
W27 Expanding Adapter Stem Casters
W28 Hollow Kingpin Casters
30 Top Plate Casters
34 Spring Ring Stem Casters
36 Threaded Stem Casters
3S Hollow Kingpin Casters
40 Expanding Adapter Stem Casters
50 Total Lock Top Plate Casters
54 Total Lock Round Square Stem
56 Total Lock Threaded Stem
50N Top Plate Casters
Miraro Series
Duraro Series
130 Top Plate Casters
134 Spring Ring Stem
136 Threaded Stem
Pneumatic Casters
61 Heavy Duty Casters
81 Heavy Duty Casters
B13 Kingpinless Casters
BH Kingpinless Casters
B27 Kingpinless Casters
S30 Stainless Steel Casters
S32 Stainless Steel Round Stem
S34 Stainless Steel Spring Ring Stem
S36 Stainless Steel Threaded Stems
S40 Stainless Steel Expanding Adapter Stems
S81 Stainless Steel Top Plate
50HN Series Infinity Casters
CL Central Locking Casters
BB Tek Bi Brake Casters
TT Twin Wheels
Replacement Wheels