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Please inquire about our American made products. We have product lines that have all or most of their components manufactured in the USA!

Most of our products are RoHS Compliant please ask about the specific product you need.

MedCaster Caster Wheels

A brand of Colson Group USA

Medcaster line is focused on the manufacturing and supply of casters and wheels to the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.  A broad line of products and expertise allows us to meer our customer's needs.  Offering Antimicrobial wheels which is designed to supporess the growth of a variety of destructive and odor causing mircrobes including bacteria, molds, mildew, and fungi.  The active ingredeints neutralize the ability of microbes to function, grow and reproduce.

 Call Access Casters today with questions on our MedCaster line, or click on the buy online link below for easy ordering.

Zinc Plated Dual Wheel (DW)
Nylon Twin Wheel (TW)
Grey Tech Dual Wheel (GT)
NeoTeq Dual Comfort Roll (DN)
LevelTeq Dual Comfort Roll (DL)  
Twin-Med (TM)
Twin-Med Grey (TG)
Streamline (SL)
Optimus (OP)  
NeoTeq (CN) Buy Online
Razer (RZ) Buy Online
Chrome Hospital (CH) Buy Online
Chrome Hospital (CX) Buy Online
Covered Hospital (CP) Buy Online
Stainless Steel 1 1/4" tread width (SS) Buy Online
Stainless Steel 2" tread width (SS)  
Stainless Steel Hospital (SX)  
Autoclave (AC) Buy Online
Next Generation Nylon (NG) Buy Online
Next Generation Nylon Plus (NS)  
Non-Magnetic (NM)  
Marquee Nylon (MP)  
Plastic (PG)  
Chrome & Stainless Steel Antistatic (CH,SS) Buy Online
Next Generation Nylon Antistatic (NA)  
Rhombus Antistatic (367,364)  
Twin-Med Antistatic (TA)  
Bed Accessories  
Primary Twin (PT)  
Med-Ultra (MU)  
Twin Tech Ultra (TU)  
Primacy Single (PS)  
Primacy Cover (PC)  
Primacy Cover Precision (PP) Buy Online
Med-Bed (MB)  
Hospital Bed Wheel Replacement  
Replacement Wheel  
Rhombus (367,364)  
Rhombus Bariatric (389)  
Rhombus (390)  
Rhombus (391)  
Rhombus Numbus (399)  
Prevail Low Profile Twin (PL)  
Sockets and Hardware