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4 in Swivel Caster Kingpinless Phenolic Wheel With Brake
4 in Swivel Caster Kingpinless Phenolic Wheel With Brake4 x 4.5 Plate Dimensions

4PKLHSB 4" x 2" Kingpinless Swivel Plate Caster w/ Brake, Phenolic Wheel

4 x 2 Medium Duty Swivel Kingpinless Caster Phenolic Wheel With Brake 700 lbs capacity
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40 or more$38.97

Product Description

4" x 2" Phenolic wheel
Kingpinless Swivel Caster With Brake
Maintenance free swivel section - precision bearing

700 lbs load capacity
5 5/8" overall height
Roller Bearing in wheel
4" x 4 1/2" overall plate size


Used for Dollies, Waste Disposal Trucks, Warehouse Trucks, Floor Trucks, and Shop Carts

Plate dimensions:

Plate Dimensions













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