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621050 CarpetMaster locking caster
621050 CarpetMaster locking caster

621050-02 Darnell-Rose CartMaster Swivel Caster

Superior airline meal and beverage cart caster without brake
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Product Description

For years, Airlilnes have suffered with the high cost of inverionr meand and beverage 
cart casters.  The CartMaster is the answer to this problem.

The patented design makes brake adjustment, wheel replacement, lubrication,
and damaged swivels a thing of the past.  Specially designed neoprene wheels
reduce expensive cart damage by absorbing shock on both carpeted and
non-carpeted surfaces.

Test prove that CartMaster wheels last 5 to 10 times longer than ordinary wheels
used in competitive casters  The CartMaster fits nearly all existing meal and
beverage carts in today's fleets with a center brake mechanism adjusted and
preinstalled at the factory.

Dual 3" x 7/8" gray neoprene tread wheels with ball bearings and metal thread guards
200 pound load rating
3.985" mounting height
Swivel caster without brake
2.6" swivel radius

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