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Advantages of Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic casters have a wide variety of applications and advantages across many industries. Read on to learn more about pneumatic wheels and what they have to offer.

Pneumatic Wheel Basics

Pneumatic caster wheels are basically rubber, air-filled wheels. These types of wheels are used in cars, bicycles, airplanes, and a broad range of other vehicles and modes of transportation. When used with casters, pneumatic wheels have many advantages including:

  • The ability to move large loads - Larger wheels mean a larger load capacity, which is why this type of wheel is popular for heavy industrial applications.
  • The ability to absorb shock - When a load needs to be protected, pneumatic wheels are the best choice because they are able to absorb a much greater amount of shock than other types of caster wheels.
  • The ability to go off road - Because pneumatic wheels can have a variety of tread patterns, they are ideal for taking loads off-road. The wheels are able to absorb any unevenness or bumps in along the way.
  • The ability to reduce noise - Noise is always a concern and is considered a risk in the workplace. The soft rubber of pneumatic wheels greatly reduces noise and as a result, improves working conditions through lowering the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Overcoming Disadvantages

While pneumatic wheels do have a few disadvantages, these are easily overcome. For instance, pneumatic wheels can be subject to puncture and as a result, deflate. However, there are no-flat pneumatic wheels available mitigating that risk. Pneumatic caster wheels are also sometimes subject to increased risk of wheel flutter, but this can be avoided by increasing the swivel lead.

Finally, pneumatic caster wheels are not as smooth in motion when compared to other types of casters. However considering all the advantages pneumatic wheels provide, these small tradeoffs are well worth it.