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AN0522808MAX GC-MAX Round Tread Polyurethane On Aluminum Core Wheel

Albion CG-MAX56" x 2" Max efficiency wheel, 1,000 pound capacity
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Product Description

The CG-MAX wheel was designed and formulated to outperform, outlast, and take customer efficiency to the MAX. With best-in-class ergonomics and durability, this versatile polyurethane on aluminum wheel will drive new value into your operations. From improved material flow to safer workplaces, we encourage you to experience the real impact CG-MAX wheels will have on your business.

Operational Efficiency:
improve material flow and reduce unwanted maintenance and replacement costs with a wheel that lasts more than 2x* longer than the leading competitor
Ergonomic Efficiency:
work safer by reducing the force required to initiate rolling equipment by over 26%*
Environmental & Assembly Efficiency:
reduce waste and assembly time with CG-MAX's patent-pending self-retaining top hats that do not require zip ties when being shipped

*Dynamic life and ergonomic comparative tests conducted to ANSI:ICWM 2018 standards (sections 6.9 and 6.3) in a Colson Group test facility. All sizes were tested at various capacities up to their maximum capacity to determine the average 26% ergonomic advantage; results may vary by customer due to equipment and flooring variables. All sizes were tested in dynamic life testing; the lowest comparative advantage value was used to claim 2x life advantage, some results were significantly higher.

AX Wheel Benefits:

  • Ergonomic rounded tread with precision bearings allows for easier maneuvering and reduced pushing and pulling efforts
  • Designed to roll easily and quietly
  • High visibility orange tread
  • 1,000 pound capacity for 5" x 2" wheel
  • Reflects Debris
  • Round tread design provides for easier swiveling
  • Shore 85A
  • Non-marking
  • Temperature range: -40° to 180°F

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