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Trew Quiet Ride 8" x 3" wheel

QR10030F6-5T 10" X 3" Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheel, Automotive Spec-1

3700 pound capacity, Red Tread 95 Shore A, 3/4" TRB
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Product Description

Automotive plant specification Quiet Ride polyurethane on heavy duty cast iron centers
10" x 3" Domestic 95 Shore A red polyurethane on concave cast iron hub core wheel
3/4" ID tapered roller bearings
3-1/4" hub length
3-1/2" length over spacers
3,700 pound load rating

Designed to roll more quietly than regular polyurethane on iron wheels, these heavy duty wheel were expressly designed to reduce the noise level of towed trailers in large automotve plants.
The unique concave face of the casting concentrates the compression of the urethane toward the centerline of the tread.  This innovation simulates the cushioning benefits of a thicker, softer tread, but provides the same durability and long life as other heavy duty wheels.
Thousands of Quiet Rides are currently in use in the automotive industry, where they have met with great approval for successfully contributing to quieter plant environments.