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VX1050120 10 x 3 Vulkollan Thick Tread Wheel with 1.25" roller bearing

1-1/4" roller bearings, 5,000 pound capacity, 1" thick tread
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Product Description

10" x 3" Vulkollan® on cast iron wheel with 1" thick tread
3-1/4" hub length
1-1/4" ID roller bearings.
Vulkollan® outperforms standard polyurethane compounds.
Great for tow lines or low speed tow applications like those found in stamping plants.
5,000 pound load rating
Vulkollan® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG, Germany.

Vulkollan® Characteristics:

Excellent resistance to mechanical wear
High rebound resilience, even in hard grades
Good tear propagation resistance
Low compression set
Good resistance to mineral oils, greases, petrol and a wide range of solvents
Best dynamic performance of all urethanes

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